Shangrao Sodium Tripolyphosphate Suppliers Share the Main Properties and Functions of Sodium Tripolyphosphate

This product of sodium tripolyphosphate from Shangrao sodium tripolyphosphate supplier is widely used in ceramic, washing, printing and dyeing, water treatment, papermaking and other industries. Some technical personnel in the industry have their own unique product requirements in the production process of sodium tripolyphosphate. Solubility, peptization ability, coloring uniformity, etc. According to their own product requirements, they began to seek suitable sodium tripolyphosphate products.

Shangrao sodium tripolyphosphate supplier Xiaobian next decomposes the performance and function of our product:

Performance: Sodium tripolyphosphate specially used for ceramics produced by Chongqing East Sichuan Chemical Industry (Group) Company has a very significant effect on the peptization of ceramic slurry, especially ceramic glaze. Compared with other sodium tripolyphosphate or ceramic diluents in China, the product has the remarkable characteristics of less dosage, lower impurities, better peptization effect and more stable quality.

Function: Reduce the viscosity of the mud, improve the fluidity of the mud and reduce the water content of the mud, thus reducing the damage energy consumption of ball mill and spray drying tower, increasing the output, making the grain grading of the powder more reasonable, improving the comprehensive performance of the powder and increasing the strength of the green body.

Perhaps when you search for sodium tripolyphosphate, you will see many different manufacturers and brands, and the prices are also different, with high prices and low prices. Perhaps new users will ask, “why is your reunion so expensive? In fact, every penny counts, our products are of the most guaranteed quality, and our brand’s reputation in the ceramic industry is also big.

Old users of suppliers of sodium tripolyphosphate in Shangrao often help to publicize our brand after using it and spread a good word of mouth in the industry: the sodium tripolyphosphate produced by Chongqing East Sichuan Group is easy to use and worry about. Compared with the products produced by other manufacturers, the consumption of sodium tripolyphosphate is less and looks expensive on the surface. In fact, the total production cost is more cost-effective than that of sales profit accounting. It not only upgrades the product grade, but also improves the quality of ceramic products!