Alkyl Polyglucoside APG-1214

Alkyl Polyglucoside APG-1214 

  • APG 0810 70%



Product Name: Alkyl Polyglucoside APG-1214 

CAS NO.: 110615-47-9



Technical Index:


Item  Specifications
1. Appearance   Light yellow liquid
2. Content (%)   ≥50.0
3. PH Value   11.5-12.5
4. Residual Alcohol   ≤1.0
5. Viscosity (mpa.s 20℃)   ≥1500
6. Ash content (%)  ≤3.0


It is widely used in hard surface detergents, dish washing detergents, industrial cleaning agent, glyphosate additives, fire additives.


APG1214 is mild, non-irritation to the eyes, good compatibility to environmnt, it can bewidely used in personal care and household washing such as shampoo,hand sanitizer,facial cleanser,shower gel and . It also can be uesd in transparent soap,laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent and other areas, eapecially in the field of infant and child care. Because APG1214 does not need to rinse, especially suitable for no-clean formula such as hair care products and hair gel products.





When products were stored at room temperature, there will be a small amount of solid precipitation or appearance of turbidity which is due to a small amount of Ca2.Ma2(≤500ppm)at high PHs, but this will have no negative impacts on the properties.When lower PH value down to 9 or less, the products can become clear and transparent.


50/120/160/220 kg plastic drum or 1MT IBC


Transport as general chemicals, seal upward,rain-proof and sun-proof. Our company can shipment the cargo according to customers demand.